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Fundraising & Membership Fee

Together with members and our school principal the P&C has been honoured to deliver the following initiatives over the last few years:

  • Library refurbishment

  • Oval upgrade

  • Laptops for all classrooms

  • New K-2 playground & toilet block

  • OOSH refresh including outside spaces

  • PA system upgrade


Together we help turn wish list items into a reality through fundraising, community events and donations to the P&C Building Fund.

Traditionally our school has held a fete, where success relied heavily on donations from families. After listening to feedback from our school community, a P&C Membership & Fundraising Fee was introduced and is the only major yearly fundraising initiative for our school.


The fee includes your P&C membership, which entitles you to vote at our termly P&C meetings; and includes your contribution towards supporting future school projects and resources, which saves you the hassle of selling raffle tickets, buying unwanted fundraising items, baking cakes, purchasing supplies to sell...the list goes on.


We know it's hard for families which is why the fee is capped for families with two or more children enrolled at our school. 

All is not lost on fundraising. If you have a cracking idea, we'd love to hear it. Send an email:


P&C Building Fund

The P&C also collect fees for the P&C Building Fund. This is a $50.00 tax deductible fee per child. The P&C Building Fund has been instrumental in the renovation of the library and building of the K-2 Toilet block.

So, why not join the P&C and help shape the future of our school.

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